How To Decorate A Mexican Patio

12 August 2015
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Have you traveled in Mexico? While visiting places like Saltillo, Guanajuato, Cuernavaca, San Miguel de Allende and Puerto Vallarta you probably fell in love with the charm of the Mexican decor. Even if you haven't been to those beautiful locations, you may have learned of their beauty in movies or in travel magazines. If you are wanting to duplicate those places as you decorate your patio, here are some ideas that might be helpful to you.

The Furniture - If you want to stick with the authentic look you saw while you traveled in Mexico, think of selecting rustic pieces. One excellent choice would be dark wooden furniture. If it is hand carved with birds, flowers and other objects from nature, that will be even more authentic. Another good material choice for furniture is wrought iron. Even though it is not that rustic looking, it will still have the Mexican look you are seeking.  Both wrought iron and rustic wooden furniture are affordable and very durable. Another benefit of either one is that, if later on you want a different look, they are easy to paint.

The Decor - As you select decorative pieces, consider using a lot of color. A great focal point would be an indoor water fountain. Add drama to it by surrounding it with clay pots full of colorful flowering plants. If you don't have a green thumb, don't hesitate to use artificial flowers. Tissue paper flowers would be perfect. A collection of colorful pinatas displayed on a ledge or hung in the corner of your patio would be a really nice authentic touch. Besides hanging them from the ceiling, consider adhering them to a wall. Corn husk dolls from Jalisco wearing bright full skirts would be another unique decoration design, too. Consider placing them on table tops with candelabra and gaily painted clay birds.

​Choose Tile - One very authentic touch for your Mexican patio would be the selection of tile. For your patio floor, think of selecting Saltillo tile in traditional earth tones. Another excellent choice would be Talavera tile which has intricate designs in it. 

Tile is not only beautiful, but it is affordable and it will last for a very long time.  Maintaining the tile you select is very easy. Simply sweep it and follow with a slightly damp mop. Occasionally it may be necessary to clean the grout. When you do that, simply use a brush and a gentle cleanser to make it look beautiful again.

Accent Touches- Think about adding Spanish expressions to part of the room. Some to consider are Salud, Amor Y Pesetas Y Tiempo Para Disfrutarlas which means Health, Love And Wealth And Time In Which To Enjoy Them or Siempre Bienvenidos which means Always Welcome.