Three Window Problems That You Can Repair On Your Own

28 September 2015
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The windows of your home are important to take care of because they ensure that the weather conditions stay outside and natural light is brought into your home. If the windows are not properly taken care of, not only will they not be protective of sealing against outside weather conditions, but this can also lead to easy break ins and an unappealing appearance of your home. Here are three window problems that you may run into down the road that you can repair on your own.

The Sash Is Stuck

If the sash becomes stuck, it is most likely because it is painted shut. Sometimes the paint on the windows can stick to one another making it really difficult to open. If this is the case, you can easily resolve the issue by running a putty knife in between the window and the frame. If it still doesn't open, you can pry it open. Once you actually get it to open, you will want to prevent is from happening again by cleaning the edges of the window and lubricating the window track. If there is still an issue, it could be from warped wood, in which case you will need to hire professionals. 

The Glass Is Broken

If the glass of the window has broken, then you can easily repair it yourself by carefully removing the old glass and replacing it with new glass. In order to do this properly, you will want to scrape out the old putty that held the broken glass in place. Once you've done this, you can put in new putty around the window edge and place in the new glass. Some of the putty will likely be pushed out. In order to clean it up, simply take a putty knife and scrape off the putty that is poking through for a clean look. 

The Wood Has Rotted

If the wood of your window frame is rotted, you don't have to worry about having to replace the entire thing. Instead, you can cut out the rotted wood and fill it with epoxy filler you can purchase at your local hardware store. It's important that you fill the cut out wood fully with the epoxy and let it dry. Read the instruction label of the specific epoxy that you have purchased to see the suggested drying time. Once it has dried, you can sand it down so it's at the same level with the rest of the wood frame and then paint it over. 

By knowing some repairs that you can do on your own, you can save some money when it comes to hiring professionals. However, if the repairs are more extensive and you are dealing with warped wood and more, then you will want to call in the professionals, such as L. M. Martin Inc