Combining Style And Storage In Your Finished Basement

29 September 2015
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Homeowners finish their basement for numerous purposes, such as adding an extra bedroom or increasing the family entertainment space. Quite often, though, basements are a prime storage spot. Keeping your basement a storage space doesn't mean you have to give up style, though. Implement creative storage solutions in your finished basement.

Specialty Storage Tools

Before finishing your basement, Home and Garden TV suggests considering what you want to store in the space. If you're storing sports equipment or other specialty items in the basement, invest in the tools especially made for this task. For example, pick up a set of racks for hanging your bike or hooks for hanging skates and pads. Even if you decide to conceal the items, having the special storage tools available makes the task easier.

Double Doors

Hockey equipment, washer and dryer, seasonal decorations -- you never know what can be lurking behind a set of double doors. If you want to hide away some of your storage, ask contractors to create shelving or closets with double doors. These double doors should visually blend in with the walls when shut.

Stair Railing

You need a railing for your stairs anyway – why not make it a custom-constructed shelf? Contractors can design built-in shelving that angles at the top to match the stair railing. Not only does such an installation offer storage for your belongings, the angle adds visual interest to your space.

Attractive Cabinets

Another classic for storage is a set of cabinets. If you have an attractive set installed in your basement, clutter shouldn't be a problem. You could even have them installed from wall to wall and maintain the stylish décor of your finished basement. Consider what style you want in your basement, and select cabinets that blend with this ideal. For example, if your basement is a modern entertainment spot, consider cabinets finished in a glossy paint. On the other hand, natural wood is a good complement to a cozy family room.

Work Centers

Perhaps your basement is tagged to become hobby central. If that's the case, design specific areas for these hobbies and the necessary storage to go with them. For instance, if someone in your family enjoys bead work, create a well-lit niche with lots of little cabinets for all the beads. Conversely, have an entertainment center built with room for gaming consoles and other accessories for the gamer in your family.

As you're planning your basement storage solutions, don't forget to make room for bins, baskets and other tools to collect the clutter and keep your basement stylish.

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