3 Tips To Take Your Bathroom Remodel To The Next Level

6 October 2015
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Remodeling a bathroom usually means a lot of research and weekends spent making decisions about how exactly things will look. But even the best intentions won't be enough to save you from a misguided or poorly styled remodeling plan. So before you call a local contractor to start your next remodeling project, take a look at the three tips below that will bring out your inner interior designer and take your bathroom remodel to the next level.

Improve Shower Storage

One of the main things that detracts from a bathroom's appearance is the presence of ugly shower storage accessories. You know the kind - plastic, brightly colored, and seemingly never able to stay on the shower head or stuck to the wall. Get rid of unnecessary accessories and replace them with attractive built-in shelves instead. A simple framing between wall studs will give you the space you need to put soap, shampoo and anything else, while giving your bathroom a clean, modern look.

Use Accent Tiles

Just because bathrooms should be clean doesn't mean that they have to look totally sterile. Slabs of solid marble or granite can work well in smaller bathrooms, but in bigger ones they can dominate the aesthetic and fail to provide character. Fortunately, just a few accent tiles can liven a space up. Talk your contractor about how you want to place the tiles - usually, they look best as a border just above or below your line of sight. Not only are tiles easy to incorporate into a larger design, but they won't break the bank, meaning you can spruce up your bathroom remodel without having to buy expensive materials.

Focus on Lighting

When remodeling a bathroom, lighting is often an afterthought. But no matter how well-designed your bathroom is, lighting is what ultimately brings a sense of atmosphere. Focus first on vanity lighting, placing each light on the side of the vanity mirror to ensure even lighting and elimination of shadows. Then place ambient lights at key places in the bathroom to create a relaxing environment. Always remember that bathroom lights should include dimmers - there's nothing worse than using the bathroom in the middle of the night or taking a bath in the evening in harsh overhead light. Pot lights can create an especially clean look that suits modern bathrooms, and LED light bulbs rarely need to be replaced.  

With these tips in mind, work with a company like Foothill Bath, Kitchen, Window Corp. to come up with the perfect new bathroom design.