Ideas For Your Victorian Bathroom Remodel

15 October 2015
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Those Victorians sure did know how to decorate! These antique bathroom remodeling ideas are a complete throw back to the days of corsets and horse drawn buggies. This decorating scheme is perfect if you live in a large Victorian style home, but it will also work anywhere--even in a modern ranch style house.

Milk Glass Shade Light Fixtures

Wall-mounted milk glass shade light fixtures bear some resemblance to oil lamps of old. Use several different milk glass shade light fixtures around your bathroom to keep the space inviting and well-lit. If there's space, reinforce the idea of antique lighting by placing an actual antique candle holder or oil lamp somewhere in your bathroom. 

Pull-Chain Toilet

Pull-chain toilets are rarely seen, but they still exist and are available for sale from upscale home improvement centers. Installing this type of fixture will lend authenticity to your Victorian bathroom. As a bonus, a pull-chain toilet is perfect if your bathroom has limited space. With the cistern located near the ceiling, the bowl of the toilet can sit closer to the wall, and that saves valuable floor space.

Pedestal Sink or Vintage-Looking Vanity

Freestanding, space-efficient pedestal sinks have a character all their own. The special vintage quality captured by pedestal sinks makes them perfect for a Victorian bathroom.

If you're looking for a vanity with more space and storage options, turn to a wooden vanity with a sink for your needs. You may even have an old fashioned desk or dresser converted into a vanity. This will help you capture a hand-carved quality that will be appropriate for your Victorian bathroom.

Victorian Hex Tile Floors

Hexagonal tile floors are decorative and very Victorian. Black and white hexagonal tiles are readily available, but don't feel like you have to stick to this monochromatic palette. Find tiles that will match your decorating scheme and will be appropriate in your bathroom.

Freestanding Bathtub

Those Victorians sure knew how to enjoy a good bath. Freestanding bathtubs are the ultimate luxury item in any bathroom and are entirely appropriate in a Victorian bath. If you can find a clawfoot bathtub for this purpose, that's great. If not, just about any freestanding bathtub will have the same vintage appeal. Try pairing your freestanding bathtub with an oil rubbed bronze or copper bathtub faucet, to give a nod to the old fashioned wrought iron faucets of old.

For more tips and ideas that will make your Victorian bathroom remodel authentic and beautiful, talk to your bathroom remodeling contractor. He or she can supply you with ideas that will be appropriate for your bathroom.