Four Kid-Friendly Kitchen Remodels

21 October 2015
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If you are working up to remodeling your kitchen, keeping everyone's needs in mind is important. You'll want to make sure that your kitchen is a family-friendly environment and can also withstand the wear and tear that comes along with the everyday routine from kids. Here are four kid-friendly kitchen remodeling ideas that you might want to include in your upcoming renovations.

1. Forgiving Flooring and Counters

Don't pick out flooring and countertops that will never have a chance around children. It might be a better idea to opt for laminate flooring while your children are growing since ceramic tiles will have more of a chance of cracking from dropped items. Countertops should be a darker color and not made of materials that can slowly absorb spills. Kids are going to make a mess, so make sure your kitchen flooring and counters are ready for this.

2. Dining Nook

A great way to protect your kitchen as well as your dining room is to install a dining nook in your kitchen. This can be home base for kids to have breakfast and snacks and will keep mealtime messes and clean up to a designated area. A nook can be easier for little ones to access than high bar stools and counters that might be harder to access.

3. Chalkboard Wall

A great finishing touch on a kitchen remodel is to add a chalkboard wall. This can be useful for shopping lists and reminders for your family, but can also be a fun place for writing out quotes of the day and a sanctioned drawing space for kids. Chalkboard paint can turn any wall in your home into a chalkboard. Aim to incorporate an entire section of the wall down to the floor so that little ones can reach this as well and take part in the fun.

4. Lower Counter Spaces

While most of your kitchen can have countertops at a traditional height, designate one section that is a bit lower. Your kids can help out in the kitchen at their own workstation and will have a place to set down beverages and snacks that won't be as precarious as high countertops. As your family grows up, this space can become a space for a computer or TV or for family members to sit and grab a quick snack.

The kitchen should be a gathering place that everyone can feel comfortable in. Don't make your kitchen so much of a work of art that you are constantly worried about accidents and messes. Incorporate kid-friendly renovations to that your kids can relax and even help out in the kitchen with you.