Redesigning Your Kitchen? 4 Earth-Friendly, Low-Maintenance Ideas

27 October 2015
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If you're in the process of designing your new kitchen, you're probably looking for some killer ideas. Now's the time to get the kitchen of your dreams, so make sure you get exactly what you want. If you're looking for ways to go green and reduce your clean-up time, you'll be glad to know that it doesn't take a lot of work. Here are four ways to help you get the earth-friendly, low-maintenance kitchen you've been dreaming of.

Low Maintenance Cabinets

If you have kids, you want your cabinets to be as low-maintenance as possible. When choosing kid-friendly, low-maintenance cabinets, look for doors that have a flat surface. Doors that have raised panels or intricate molding can be difficult to keep clean. Flat surfaces can be wiped clean quickly, without worrying about grease and grime being left behind in the grooves.

Be sure to include door-pulls and handles on your drawers and cabinets. Adding those will help keep dirty, sticky fingers off the surfaces and will reduce the amount of cleaning you need to do.

Earth-Friendly Tabletops

You and your family are going to spend a lot of time at the kitchen table. Why not make it an earth-friendly experience? Bamboo is a natural way to add beauty and functionality to your kitchen eating area. Because bamboo is a natural product, you won't have to worry about formaldehyde or other hazardous materials. Not only that, bamboo is renewable, which means forests aren't depleted to make your kitchen table.

Breathe Easy Countertops

You don't want the food you're preparing to come in contact with hazardous materials or germs. If you choose all-natural granite countertops, you won't have to worry about that. Granite countertops provide easy clean-up. In fact, with granite countertops, all you have to do is wipe them down with a damp cloth. Best of all, granite countertops aren't made with processed materials, so you won't have to worry about harmful materials coming in contact with the food you're preparing. 

Germ-Resistant Sinks

It can be difficult to keep your kitchen sink as clean as it needs to be. Even at its cleanest, you worry about the germs that could be lurking in it. If you're concerned about the germs that could be in your kitchen sink, you might want go with a copper sink. Copper is naturally antibacterial, which means it will resist the germs that could be making your family sick. It's also easy to clean.

Now that you're designing your new kitchen, be sure to add some features that will make your life easier. The ideas provided above will help you get the kitchen you've always wanted. Visit Advanced Kitchens for more ideas.