Three Cheap Home Improvement Projects That Can Pay Off Big

30 October 2015
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Not all home improvement projects have to drain your bank account to add value and functionality to your home. Here are three easy and cheap improvements you can make to your home that can improve its work or your quality of life.

Transform a Closet Into a Computer Center

If you have a spare closet, you can quickly turn it into a computer center or home office with the addition of a few shelves. Simply remove the hanging rod and measure the width and depth of the space. Get a shelf that's about three-quarters the depth of the closet to serve as a desktop to hold your computer monitor or laptop. An alternative option is to find a small desk or table that fits the exact width and depth (within a quarter inch of the dimensions) of your closet and assemble the piece inside the space.

Add thinner shelves (maybe half the depth of the closet) to serve as storage for books and other knickknacks. Another option is to mount cubes onto the back wall of the closet for a more unique storage alternative.

While you can remove the closet door, it may be best to leave it on so you can quickly and easily hide your small computer center away when you have guests.

Add Soap Dispensers Next to Sinks

Another simple project that can add functionality to your kitchen or bathroom sinks is to add soap dispensers. You can purchase undercounter soap/lotion dispensers at your local home improvement store in shades and styles that match your décor.

Simply drill a hole into the sink or counter where you want the dispenser to go, feed the top of the dispenser through it, and then connect the bottle underneath. When you run out of soap, just remove the bottle and refill. Not only can you save counter space, you can save money by purchasing soap in bulk bottles and just refilling the containers rather than purchasing individual bottles.

Add a Ceiling Fan

Keep cool in the summer while reducing energy costs by installing a ceiling fan. These appliances only use about 60 watts of electricity versus the 3,500 watts of energy consumed by the average air conditioner and can help you reduce you're a/c and heating usage if used right.

Get a model that lets you adjust the speed and direction, and install the fans in the living room and bedroom. Run the fans in the summer to help distribute cool air more efficiently and run them backwards in the winter to force warm air downward into the room (heat rises).

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