4 Tips For Saving Money On New Windows

5 November 2015
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Are your old windows not performing as well as they used to? Condensation, warped glass, and damaged frames are just a few reasons to consider an upgrade to new windows. The following tips can help you afford new replacement windows without blowing your budget. 

Tip #1: Look Into Partial Units

You may not need to buy the whole window if your frames are a standard size. Partial units don't include the part of the frame that is installed into the wall of your home, just the replacement window ready to install into the existing frame. This is an excellent option if your existing frames are in good shape – which means square and level as well as no major damage. Partial units are often used as replacements in long-lasting metal or vinyl frames. You can also use them in high-quality wood frames that are in good condition, although you may want to strip and refinish the frames first.

Tip #2: Find Out About Local Programs

If you are planning to upgrade to dual or triple pane windows, check to see if they are Energy Star rated. Some local energy companies or city governments offer rebate or discount programs for upgrading to energy efficient windows. You can also check to see if there are any state or federal rebate programs in effect in the year when you decide to purchase your windows.

Tip #3: Purchase Through the Installer

There are a few benefits from buying direct from your installer. First, most window installations are done under a warranty or guarantee, which means the installer is going to make sure you choose a quality product that won't require any free service work from them. They will also make sure that the installation is done correctly, for the same reason, which can save you time and money since you won't have to fix problems later. Finally, the installer may pass on any discounts they receive to you, since there won't be a middleman selling the windows to skim some of the profit.

Tip #4: Take Care of Your Investment

Finally, make sure you know the proper way to care for the windows before the installer leaves, so you won't end up with an expensive repair because of inadvertent mistake. For example, windows with a UV coating may need a special cleaner or you may need to avoid cleaning them with certain substances. Or, you can't slam multi-pane windows shut, since this can break the glazing slightly and allow moisture in between the panes. For further questions, talk to a local replacement window contractor (such as http://www.newmanroof.com).