How To Patch Fiberglass Bathtub Basins

16 November 2015
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Fiberglass bathtubs are extremely durable and tough. While, fiberglass is very unlikely to break, there is always a chance that it can get cracked. Cracked fiberglass bathtubs are luckily very easy to finish if you have the right products. The best way to patch fiberglass cracks of different shapes and sizes is easiest if you have a fiberglass repair kit. This article explains what the kit includes and how to patch cracks.

What the Kit Includes

A fiberglass patch kit includes everything you need to get the job done, except for a sponge sander. Use a sponge sander that is designated for fiberglass, not wood. The kit will include the fiberglass cloth, resin and liquid hardener. It also includes a small plastic mixing stick, tray and putty knife. With these simple tools, you can mix, spread and apply the patch. You will just need a pair of scissors to cut the cloth to size.

Prep the Area and Cloth

Before you patch the damaged area, you might need to sand it very lightly. This is only necessary if the powder coat paint finish is peeling away. Sand to make sure there are no sharp edges or ridges. Next, cut the cloth to the right size. Make the cloth a few inches bigger than the crack on all sides.

Mixing and Spreading the Resin

When working with fiberglass resin, wear rubber gloves because the resin is toxic and very hard on your skin. When you mix the fiberglass resin with the hardener, it dries quite quickly. The more hardener you add, the faster it will dry. Mix the recommended amounts together in the tray and then spread them onto the fiberglass within 5 minutes. First, put a thin coat over the cracked area. Then, put the cloth in position and push it down firmly. Next, spread more resin over the top of the cloth. Spread it around as smoothly as possible before it dries. You will not be able to get a perfectly smooth finish until you sand the fiberglass after it dries. Wait a few hours for the patch to dry before you start sanding.

This simple repair should completely seal the crack and make it waterproof once it dries. The only issue remaining is how to paint the patched area. Since fiberglass patch is clear, many people just leave it how it is. However, you can paint it with special fiberglass spray paint. To find out more, speak with a business like Surface Specialists of Mid-MN.