A Few Things To Know About Installing New Granite Countertops

18 November 2015
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If you plan to update your kitchen with new granite countertops, you should be prepared for the installation process. Since your countertops have to be custom cut from a single slab of granite, it could take a few weeks until they're ready to be installed. However, before cutting begins, you'll need to plan the layout and design of your countertops. Here are a few things to know about installing this countertop material.

Creating A Template

Although you could possibly install granite countertops yourself once they've been cut, you may want professional help in creating the template. However, you might be able to create the template yourself as long as you make precise measurements so the granite slab fits as it should. You'll need to consider the amount of overhang you want, and position the cutouts for the sink and plumbing.

The easiest way to make sure the measurements are exact is to create the template with a large piece of cardboard or other stiff material. The cardboard is cut to the exact shape of your granite countertop so the fabricator can use the template as a pattern when cutting the granite. Having a template also helps you visualize how the granite will look on your countertops.

Each slab of granite has its own unique patterns and swirls, and once you place the template on it, you may decide the piece you originally liked has a pattern that will be cut off by the sink opening. For that reason, it's best to have the template made before you finalize your granite slab selection.

Joining Seams

Once the granite is cut to fit your base cabinets, it's fairly easy to install as long as you have help handling the heavy stone. You attach the countertop to the cabinets with adhesive. The only problem is if you need to join seams. If your cabinet area is long or if it turns a corner, you'll probably need to join the seams of two slabs of granite. Joining two pieces of granite together is a matter of using colored adhesive. However, it's difficult to make the seam invisible if you don't have experience. It takes skill and artistry. If you need to join seams on your new counters, you may want to leave the installation to professionals.

Installing granite countertops may require more work than installing other countertop materials, but the end result is worth it. You'll have a smooth, continuous work surface that is ideal for food preparation. While granite can chip and crack if you don't handle it properly during installation, once it's in place it is very strong and durable. Granite countertops will provide your home with many years of service and beauty.

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