Have A Gap Above Your Kitchen Cabinets? 4 Ways To Deal With It

15 December 2015
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Chances are that the cabinets in your kitchen have a gap above them, which is a space that can be hard to use for practical purposes.  It is caused from cabinets that come in a standard size, installed at the proper height, and in a kitchen with a high ceiling. If you are tired of looking at the space being empty, here are some ways that you can reclaim the space and improve your kitchen.

Decorate The Space

Depending on how much room you have, there are many ways you can decorate this area.  If you have a large cookbook collection, you can use the space to store them.  No matter how big or small the gap is, books are easy to store vertically or horizontally, giving you flexibility with what can fit in the area.

For larger gaps, you can use this area as a place to display artwork, decorative items, or even a wine rack with bottles that you are letting age and won't need daily access to.

Install False Panels

Sometimes the gap isn't big enough to do anything with. Your best option may be to cover the gap with false panels. 

It may seem unnecessary to close the gap up, but it will prevent dust from accumulating in the space, saving you the trouble of needing to clean the area.  When you combine the false panels with a crown molding, it can make your entire kitchen look cohesive between the wall, ceiling, and cabinets.  False panels will look like a natural extension of the wall, and add an additional detail to make the cabinets stand out.

Install Short Cabinets

If the gap is large enough where you are using the space for storage, consider having a short row of cabinets installed in its place.  The cabinets can match your existing style, and look seamless in the overall design. Using cabinets in this space will help hide those big kitchen items that you only use a couple times a year.

Install Custom Kitchen Cabinets

When your cabinets are already past their prime, you can use this as an opportunity to replace your old cabinets with new custom ones.  By not getting cabinets that come in a standard height, you can make sure that the custom cabinets reach all the way to your ceiling. Not only will you have usable shelving, but it will transform the overall look of the kitchen. 

If you need help with building panels, short cabinets, or custom cabinets, reach out to a cabinet manufacturer in your area.