How To Upgrade Your Kitchen Cabinet Doors

11 February 2016
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Remodeling your kitchen is a great investment. There are many elements of a kitchen that you can focus on. The cabinets are often in need of an upgrade before anything else in the room. A full-scale cabinet replacement is an expensive project that requires some serious construction. If you are looking for a low key and less expensive way to upgrade your cabinets, you can simply invest in new doors. The decorative trim on the doors is one of the most important features when it comes to defining the cabinet style. This article explains how you can change your doors by doing most of the work on your own.

Ordering Your New Doors

While this is largely a DIY project, you will need to have your new doors made. Whether you custom order your replacements, or choose a stock style, you will want to make sure you order the right size. The best solution is to have a cabinetmaker come to your house to measure all of your openings. With detailed measurements of your replacement doors taken by a professional, you can be assured that your replacements will fit perfectly.

Installing your New Doors

After ordering your doors, they will be delivered to your home, along with the hardware. You can simply attach the hardware with a power drill. Use the power drill to also remove the old doors from the cabinet. In most cases, you will be drilling new holes into the faceframe of your cabinets. So, you can fill the holes from the hinge screws immediately after removing the old doors. You can use tinted wood putty that will look virtually unnoticeable after you sand away the dried excess.

Hanging the doors takes a little bit of tinkering and patience to get them perfectly level. You will need a level for the best results. It is also much easier if you have a helper who can hold the door in place as you attach the hinge screws. First. determine the height of the door and then attach the top screw to the top hinge (each hinge will have 2 screw holes). Then, you can use the level to adjust the door before attaching one screw to the lower hinge. At this point you should double check the level and also make sure the height of the door is correct and inline with adjoining doors. Finally, attach the last tow screws and your doors will be secure.

With the new doors in place you will be surprised how different your entire kitchen looks. Contact a business, such as Olson Cabinets & Woodworking Inc, for more information.