Remodeling Your Kitchen? Don't Fall Victim To Designer's Regret

18 March 2016
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Planning your new kitchen and watching your decorating ideas turn into reality can be one of the most exciting aspects of home ownership. Not only is it a chance to get rid of outdated features that you hate, but you have the opportunity to create the custom kitchen you want instead of being saddled with the last occupant's choices. However, sometimes it's easy to get carried away and end up with a kitchen that just isn't right for you, even if it seems picture-perfect. Here are some ways to make your new kitchen the heart of your home instead of a room full of regrets.

Consider how you actually use your kitchen.

Before you plan to replace counters with a work island or a table with a breakfast nook, analyze how you actually use your kitchen. Breakfast nooks may be space-saving conveniences, but if family members enjoy sitting around a large table, breakfast nooks or bars don't make much sense. Likewise, if children will be moving out soon, you might be happier eliminating the kitchen table and downsizing to a bar. You only need to change the floor plan to solve a problem, so if you are happy with the layout and everything is within reach, you don't necessarily need to alter the traffic patterns.

Consider your limitations.

Keep your physical limitations—or preferences—in mind when choosing features. For example, recessed lighting is a popular trend, but while it is very attractive, you do have to get a bit higher to change the bulbs. Will you be comfortable stepping on the next-highest rung of the ladder, or will you be limited by balance or mobility issues? If you install taller cabinets, will you be able to lift things into and out of them? If you have back problems, you might find bending down to get pots and pans out of the cupboards more difficult than using an overhead rack, while handling objects overhead might be more dangerous for others. No matter how attractive or popular some features are, don't add them just for the sake of aesthetics.

Look at how your kitchen differs from those in the magazines.

The pictures in magazines and on home decorating websites are created by professionals, and the rooms look perfect on purpose. Additionally, many of them are created to highlight products, so they always look enticing. However, they may look different in your kitchen. The sun may hit your counters and floor at a different angle, or you may get no direct sunlight at all. Look at the natural light in your kitchen and the window placement and imagine how the new features will look in the sun or shadows that you will have. Your may need to choose different colors or finishes to get the luminous look shown in home decorating photos, or you might be disappointed by the lack of drama.

Adding things that don't work or that don't make sense for your lifestyle is a sure way to regret them once the remodeling project is over. Work with a kitchen designer and share your concerns about how you use your kitchen, your lifestyle, your physical state and your home's unique characteristics. You'll avoid designer's regret and end up with a modern, functional kitchen that works for you. Contact a company like IYF Granite for more information.