How To Organize Kitchen Utensils Using Pegboards On Kitchen Cabinet Doors

12 April 2016
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Creating more space in a small kitchen can be a challenge. One spot that can get overlooked is the backside of kitchen cabinet doors. You can place pegboards on the backside of the cabinet doors where you can hang kitchen utensils and keep them from cluttering up drawers. Here is how to install pegboard onto the back of your cabinet doors to hang your kitchen cooking utensils.

Cut Pegboard to Size

The size of the pegboard should be a little smaller than the size of the cabinet door. An oversized piece of pegboard can interfere with the opening and closing of the door, Measure the width and length of the inside of the door, and then reduce the size by a couple of inches. So, if the inside of the door measures 12" wide and 16" long, then cut a piece of pegboard that measures 10" x 14" to put on the door. You should cut the pegboard with a circular saw fitted with a plywood blade to keep the saw from chewing up the edges of the pegboard. 

Install Pegboard on Door

You want to keep about a half inch or so of space between the pegboard and the cabinet door surface once the pegboard is screwed onto the door. You need the space so you have enough room to slide the top of the hooks through a hole to the backside of the pegboard. The top has a curved neck. The top rests against the backside of the pegboard while the lower part of the hook rests on the front side of the pegboard. The easiest way to make sure you have enough space is to put round and hollow little rubber spacers on the screws between the pegboard and the cabinet door before you screw the pegboard to the door. The spacers will make sure you don't screw the pegboard so close to the door that you can't slip the top of the hooks through the pegboard holes.

Glue Hooks to Pegboard

You should take the time to place the utensils on the door to see how they all fit together. This will ensure you utilize all the space on the pegboard in an organized fashion. One problem you can have is that each time you grab a utensil off the door, you can also pull the hook holding the utensil out of the pegboard. To prevent this from happening, use glue to secure the hooks where you want them to go. Put some glue on the back part of the hook on the front of the pegboard and glue the hook to the face of the pegboard. Once the glue dries, you are ready to place the utensils on the pegboard.

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