How To Install Glass Shower Door Kits

15 April 2016
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If you have a curtain and rod system set up in your shower, you should consider upgrading to sliding glass doors. Glass doors look much nicer and more upscale. Of course, it will cost more than a replacement shower curtain, but it will last much longer. Also, it is much easier to clean and prevent the formation of mold on a glass shower door. Many people install clear glass shower doors because they also make the room look and feel a bit larger. Best of all, there are a variety of glass shower door kits that can be bought at most home improvement stores. These kits are easy to install, yet very high quality. This article explains how to install a glass shower door.

What You Need

Glass shower kits are made to fit most standard size shower enclosures. The tracks are easily cut to fit your exact measurements. All you need to cut the tracks is a traditional hacksaw because they are usually made out of vinyl or aluminum. You will also need clear silicone caulk, a cordless power drill, a level and stud finder. The screws and everything else will be included in the kit.

Cutting and Installing the Tracks

Perhaps the most important part of the job is cutting the aluminum tracks to the right length. You only need to cut the tracks that run horizontal to the length of the shower enclosure. Cut the bottom track first and make sure it lays perfectly flat on the bathtub basin before attaching it. Some systems come with bottom tracks that have adhesive backing. You just pull the paper off of the back and stick it down on the track. Once the bottom track is installed, you have to install the side tracks. The bottom end of the side tracks fit right onto the bottom track. However, you will need to use the provided screws to attach them to the sidewalk. This is where a stud finder can come in handy. If you can find a stud within the wall, you will want to try and hit it with the screw. Otherwise, you will need to use the provided screw anchors.

Attaching the Top Track

Once both sidetracks are properly installed and level, you can attach the top track. This track snaps right onto the side tracks without any tools or screws. Then, you can bring in the glass doors and hang them. They should already have the hardware attached. Once you're sure that the tracks are properly installed in the glass can slide back-and-forth with ease, you should add silicone caulk to all of the track edges. This waterproofs the tracks and adds some strength.

If you feel you cannot do this yourself, contact a professional bathroom remodeling company.