Two Perks Of Installing Vinyl Siding

26 July 2016
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Many people are attracted to vinyl siding because it is a reasonable, cost effective and durable product. Adding siding to your home is a smart way to instantly increase the energy efficiency of your home, while also changing the style. Vinyl has a simple look that has been used in residential and commercial construction for years. No matter what your reason for invest in vinyl siding, it is a very practical decision. This article explains the various perks of choosing vinyl siding.

It is Easy to Install

Most people will let professionals install their vinyl siding. Siding contractors can install vinyl very quickly because of it is lightweight, easy to handle and modular. Basically, your labor costs for the installation will be minimal when compared to other siding options. In fact, many homeowners actually choose to install their own siding to save even more money on the project.

Since the siding planks have a modular design, they can be installed with very few power tools. Also, vinyl is not that heavy, so the project is manageable if you have a few helpers. That being said, you do need to carry and install the vinyl while climbing up and down a ladder. This can be a little dangerous and time consuming. If you do want to handle the installation on your own, consider renting a scaffolding, especially if you have a 2- or 3-story home.

It is Energy Efficient

No matter how you install your vinyl, you will instantly start to enjoy a home that is more energy efficient. Vinyl comes in different ranges of insulation. Some vinyl products are lined with wool or fiberglass insulation on the inside. This is extremely beneficial in colder climates. It is basically like adding a warm jacket on top of your home. But even the thinnest, least expensive vinyl siding will essentially serve as a windbreaker for your sidewalls.

The siding (no matter how insulated it is) creates a buffer zone. The gap area between the sidewalls and the vinyl helps to reduce solar and thermal absorption. This dramatically slows down heat transfer. In the long run, you will enjoy a home that is much cheaper to heat and cool. You won't be so reliant on your AC system, saving you a fair bit of money in the end.

These are just 2 reasons to choose vinyl siding, but there are many other reasons that you might personally be attracted to it. Contact a siding contractor for more information.