4 Amazing Perks Your Loved One Can Get From A Walk-In Tub

21 November 2016
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If you have an aging relative who lives alone or will soon move into your home, a walk-in tub could be a beneficial home addition. There are other features that can be added to the bathroom too, and all of the elements can create a safer bathroom that is functional for your loved one. The following are a few benefits your loved one may experience from a walk-in tub.

Massage Benefits 

Some elderly individuals have pains from conditions such as arthritis. Others may have pain as a result of recent injuries or surgeries. Walk-in tubs can be customized to include massage options. This can aid in relieving some of the pain your loved one experiences. It can also make them less dependent on pain medications and protect their overall wellbeing. 

Safe Bathing Experiences

Mobility issues are a significant worry for some seniors. The bathroom is an area where falls commonly occur. Some seniors are aware of this because they have fallen in the past. Others have friends who have fallen in bathrooms and sustained injuries. This can make bathtime a scary event for some seniors. Walk-in tubs are designed in a manner that makes accessing the tub's area safer. There are also options for seniors to bathe in a sitting position rather than attempting to stand and shower. 

Improved Sleep

Taking a bath before bed helps some people sleep better. This is something that your loved one may have been used to doing in their younger years, but they may avoid taking baths before bed now due to concerns about slipping or falling. Walk-in tubs offer your relative more than the option for a bath that aids in relaxation and better sleep. These tubs also have the option for aromatherapy, which utilizes scents that can aid in encouraging sleep. 


This is another feature that walk-in tubs can offer your loved one, but it does not involve smells. Chromotherapy utilizes various colors to aid in relaxation, which can mean better sleep. This visual evoking type of therapy changes the color of the water in the tub and can enhance the mental state of the person bathing. This can subside worries during bath time and shift focus ways from problems. 

A remodeling contractor is a good resource to use to determine other elements to include in your bathroom remodeling project. For example, non-slip flooring is an ideal option because bathroom floors can become slippery as a result of water dripping on them. This can result in slips and falls for elderly individuals even if they do not have severe mobility issues. Visit websites like DakotaWalkinTubs.com to learn more about your options.